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 Thank you for visiting the first website dedicated to supplying free vital information and ultimately compiling the most knowledgeable team servicing ECM, ECU, PCM, DPC, engine control computers, transmission control computers, electronic control modules and engine management systems and electronic controllers and digital dash clusters. We supply Automotive Dealerships & Repair Service Centers and even Do-it-Yourselfers. has been Online since 1997. LONGER THAN ANY OTHER INDEPENDENT REPAIR COMPANY.

What you will see here is over 15 plus years experience in this very specialized industry. You will see the first company to specialize in ECM PCM ECU Repair and Supply. What you won't see is thousands of dollars wasted on a website with an on-line ordering system... here's why. Right now you need to solve your customer or your car or trucks problem. With our vast experience we can help to get you on the right track FAST! We had an E-Commerce store for years, but the problem is that many many customers would order the wrong item, for example they would order a repair service thinking it was a rebuilt or reconditioned unit and then they would get frustrated when the item would not arrive. What you need is to consult with our team members and determine what service or product you need. Sometimes an item may only have a repair service or a rebuilt replacement available, sometimes both options are available and depending on time and finances, you can choose the best service. Also it may be a simple programming issue. It is also true that in some cases your item may be dealer only. We are not afraid to tell you the truth! Sometimes the Dealer is the only option until our team can R & D the next wave of problems that are occurring in these delicate electronic controllers.  And if you are not careful, you will run into our many recent competitors who may be glad to take your order and your money, only for you to find out later they are not able to assist you or even worse they are not a legitimate company, or have terrible reviews. When we started, only A-1 Cordone existed, and they did not sell to the public, and they sell thousands of car parts, we only sell and service electronic controllers and devices. / Auto Computer Pro ensures our customers receive the highest in quality of service and product and the latest technology available. Our Lead Engineer is not just any technician, but the mastermind behind Plug & Play from a work bench. We are specialists in auto electronic control computers and controllers from software to hardware, repairs and replacements. Unlike our competitors, we offer TRUE plug and play computers when available. We strive to make sure that no additional programming equipment should be needed. We like what we do and we pride ourselves on it. As a matter of fact, we will challenge anyone to find a company that is more dedicated and knowledgeable than us! 

 We offer many models REPLACEMENT COMPUTERS ready to "plug & play" with one year warranty. Or may instead offer a repair service or reprogramming service to solve your specific needs. All our REMAN ECM PCM have all the necessary manufacturers authorized programming including all the updates issued since the production date. Please call for details and we can assist you in determining what service will better serve your time and budgetary constraints based on your year make and model and specific symptoms and drivability and diagnostics history.

We also provide repair service for digital clusters and body controllers for most Domestic MFD cars and light trucks 2004 to 2011. Call for more information.


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